PDQ Inv Auto-reports: Do not generate report if collection is empty?


Hi all, PDQ newcomer here - awesome product!

My intention is to use the auto-reporting email function as a form of alerting for several things.

One example, I have a daily auto-report of all PCs that have <10% drive space and I'd like to call this to my attention via an email alert as opposed to manually checking a collection configured to show PCs with <10% free space.

Now, AFAIK If the report produces no results, the report and email is still generated - and I'm still compelled to open the email and check the pdf attachment for problem machines. Setting up a decent quantity of daily auto-reports for various issues and checking email with no contents can become a bit of a grind.

For the sake of reducing unnecessary spam is there a way to squelch a report/email send if the report finds 0 results?

(If not, is there a process to put the idea in a feature request hat?)


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We too would like this feature, we only want to e-mail certain reports if the collection isn't empty.

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I'll put my hand up for wanting this too. I don't make use of the auto report feature for the same reasons mentioned above.

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