pdqinventory - agent - login records beyond last reboot


We are using the new agent, with version 16 of pdqinventory, like it so far.

two questions:

  1. where can i see log info of logon/off from the agent, outside of the agent event panel? Is there a report? info logon/off event info is only displayed from last agent start.

  2. will the agent logon ever change the "current user" field? That would be really handy.

more info: We're using the agent on our classroom computers, we'd like to keep track easily, of who logs in and off. We've installed the agent and see that under the computer drill down -> Agent -> events

But it appears the logon/off are from the last agent service start, which might be monthly or daily depending upon reboot.

I read this data can be stored in logs, but would like to be able to access all the logon/off info beyond the last agent start.

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The Login/Logoff events are curently not available in a Basic Report, maybe you can use a SQL Report to get the information.

But i currently strongly recommend you use another method because if the Agent service fails to start, no login/logoff events are recorded.

Check my other solution here:

Login/Logoff Report GPO


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