Inventory Report for Broadwell or Haswell Processors


Hi All,

Since Intel is now saying that Broadwell and Haswell processors are experiencing random reboots after being patched for Meltdown/Specter, I was hoping to create a Report to find which machines have these processors.

I have created a report with Inventory that shows me the Computer Name, CPU Processor, and Computer Model. However, I have to manually go through the report and look at each item and compare it to Intel's lists at and That is very time consuming.

Does anyone have any way to make this easier with Inventory?

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Here's what I did:

Generate a processor report in PDQ Inventory, export to CSV

Do a "select all" on the the pages you reference above and copy to Notepad++, and strip out any text that's not part of the tables

Copy the left over text from Notepad++ to Excel, and strip out the columns that don't contain the processor ID

Copy back the column of processor IDs back to Notepad++

Strip out anything that isn't the actual processor ID, such as Intel, Pentium, Xeon, Core, etc.

Save that list of processors as a text file in c:\temp\processors\broadwell-haswell.txt

Copy the CSV report file from PDQ Inventory to c:\temp\processors\processorReport.csv

Use findstr, as follows: "findstr /g:c:\temp\broadwell-haswell.txt c:\temp\processorReport.csv > c:\temp\processors\out.txt

Copy the header line from c:\temp\processors\processorReport.txt to the first line of c:\temp\processors\out.txt

Out.txt should contain the data you want.

Took me about 10 minutes to do this.


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