OneDrive Deployment Failure



I'm trying to deploy the latest OneDrive. (Found at: )

There isn't any package for this, so I had to create a package manually. The problem is that when the package runs, the user gets a pop up that says, "OneDrive can't be run using full administrator rights. Please restart OneDrive without administrator rights."

The user I'm testing against has local admin access and UAC is enabled.

Package Settings:

Copy Mode: Push
Scanning: Scan after deployment
Run As: Logged On User
---------- Step 1
Install File:   \\domain\path\OneDriveSetup.exe
Parameters: /silent
Success Codes: 0,1641,3010
Conditions: All versions, All Archtectures, All Powershell versions
Logged on State: Only run if user is logged on
File/Registry: None/None
Options: Enabled, Run As Logged on User, Stop Deployment with Error
-------- Step 2

Command: %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\OneDrive.exe
No Files
Success Codes: 0
Conditions: Same as Step 1.
Options: Same as Step 1.

After the deployment completes, the deployment fails. If the installer is run while a domain admin is logged in, everything runs properly. When a user is logged in, they get this error.

Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this?

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I just thought I wanted to mention, if I omit the second step and run Step 1 without the /silent switch, the installation appears to proceed normally.

This is OK for now, but this could be an issue if you want the software to install without users knowing, then letting them configure it later rather than right at the time you deployed it.

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