Hi Everyone, I have an issue that I can't seem to resolve. I want my MDT task sequence to call a PDQ deploy app package if it gets selected in the apps list on a deployment.

I have done this as a manadatory install for Office and it works perfectly. So I essentially copied the same method for my new PDQ package but set it as an optional install.

The app calls this command via a batch file

psexec "\servername" -d -n 120 -accepteula "c:\program files (x86)\admin arsenal\pdq deploy\pdqdeploy.exe" deploy -package "AdministrationPackage" -targets %computername%

When I deploy it never gets called on the task 'install app selection' If I force the install of the package it works. or if I run the batch file manaully it works. So it seems that only when its a selected option that it fails.

The log shows "Application AdminPack returned an unexpected return code: 14472 ZTIApplications 10/07/2019 16:24:26 0 (0x0000)" which doesn't seem to throw anything up when I google it.

Now the reason I'm doing it this was is we have a lot of bespoke apps that we build here. I have packages in PDQ which I can easily push out depending upon department and I don't want to manage these in PDQ and MDT so calling it from PDQ is an ideal scenario.

I'd appreciate it if anyone has any ideas.

MDT version 6.3.84500

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