Hi there,

Slowly searching and leeching information from this forum - newly starting on our PDQ Deploy journey as we aim to streamline our Windows 10 deployment.

We are having an issue installing Office 2016 due to the Local Education Authrity blocking certain paths in an attempt to stop Cryptolocker etc. To install Office manually we have to add our computer to that machine based security group, restart, install Office and then remove ourselves from the group (putting the protection back in place).

So looking at the steps we need:

  1. Add COMPUTERNAME after join domain to the security group
  2. Restart the computer
  3. Install Office 2016
  4. Remove COMPUTERNAME from the security group
  5. Restart the computer

I think the logic is correct there. Has anyone got this working? I know the Powershell scripts to do this - so is it a case of adding them to a step and then running a powershell ps1 command?

Cheers all,


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