Staggering Deploy Times?


I have about 30 servers I'll be adding to a Deploy Task, and they will need a reboot afterward. However, I'd like to randomly stagger these installs/reboots about 5 minutes apart, in order to reduce stress on the physical boxes.

What's a good way to accomplish this? I don't see any good default options in the schedule options.

An idea I have: In my deploy task, set Step 1 to be a script with a randomized counter on it. (Like PAUSE for 1 - 20 minutes, then RETURN code 0). PDQ will then advance to the next Step. Not the most eloquent solution though.

Any ideas of tips? Thanks!

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In options you can set the concurrent target per deployment. Set that to 5 and have a final step of your deployment being a reboot. Once the reboot is complete, the task is marked complete and the next 5 can start.

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I would use PowerShell for it.

#Pick a randominteger from an array then use it in Start-Sleep 
$Sleep_Time = 60, 120, 360, 600 | Get-Random

Start-Sleep -Seconds $Sleep_Time 

Simple, perfect. Thanks!

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