Feature request - heartbeat step in deployment



I want to request a new feature in PDQ deploy. It would be great if I could add a heartbeat step in a deployment package. We use the tool to upgrade the operating system, therefore the target computer will be offline about 30-60 min. We have to add some steps after the upgrade is finished, but I cannot manage the deployment to wait enough time.

It would be good if the deployment could wait for the heartbeat, and move to the next step if the target is online again. I tried to use the "inventory scan" step for this, but no luck, it cannot scan the target, therefore gets an error (even if I modified the timeout value).

Regards; Bela

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Would be a good idea. Could setup a workaround with schedules, heartbeats and scan.

Set a schedule to do the first part, scan the device at the end of deployment to place in a collection. Set a second schedule linked to the collection on heartbeat. That should detect computers in collection (if you have it set to an AD OU for computer_configuration or something) that did stage 1 of deployment, reboot, and still need stage 2.

I usually log back into the machine and it will reconnect. Only do a few devices at a time, so this works for me. If I had more, I would do the schedules.

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