Hi guys,

i create a sql report to have a computer list of who have a particular app installed. The report work well except for the order by clause.

Here the sql code :

select Computers.Name as "Computer Name", Computers.ADDisplayName as "User display name", substr(replace(Computers.ADParentPath,"Canamgroup/",),0,instr(replace(Computers.ADParentPath,"Canamgroup/",),"/")) as "Location", Applications.Name as "Applications name", Applications.Version as "Applications version" from Computers INNER JOIN Applications ON (Computers.computerId=Applications.computerId AND (Applications.Name ='BEP Deck Design' or Applications.Name ='BEP Deck Design Standalone and Revit Addin')) where


So normally i would see the lower version first and that could help manager to determine who are not at latest version. But that doesn't work.

The only thing that seem to work and a bit strange is if i run the report manually and click on version column header and re-run the auto-report, that will follow the same order as the the display i had after the header click.

Does i do something incorrectly in my sql code ?

As i add a order by column i suppose to have the report order by this column everything i generate it by auto-report

Could you help me to understand that issue please Thank

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