Anyone use WinLogOnView?


I'm creating a package to run WinLogOnView, which is an .EXE that displays its results in a window, showing logins (network or local) over a period. What I can't figure out is how to then export that report into a file , txt, xml, it doesn't matter. Not sure if anyone has ever tried this app, but it's free and works wonderfully! I'm not super well-versed in using command lines, but suspect that's where my next step lay. Step 1, run WinLogOnView.exe- (these are on remote PCs btw, scheduled for once a month). Step 2- retrieve the results and save off to a share somewhere... Is this enough info for someone to give me some advice? thanks!

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NirSoft makes most of their command lines pretty standard, so if you use one to log something, it doesn't take much to figure out the other programs.

I use WinLogonView in a package with this "Install" step to save the results in a CSV file on a network share, one file per computer, named the same as the computer name.

Install file: \\Servername\Sharename\Logins\WinLoginOnView.exe

Parameters: /Source 1 /scomma \\Servername\Sharename\Logins%computername%Logins.csv

Results in the bottom "Command Line" displaying this:

WinLogOnView.exe /Source 1 /scomma \\Servername\Sharename\Logins%computername%Logins.csv

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