Feature Request - Self-service APP install web page


Feature Request -- a Self-Service web page for requesting and automatically deploying an app package. Instead of creating desktop images with software packages that aren't necessary for the end user or if the end user needs an app wasn't deployed to them manually they could go to the web page and choose the app and have PDQ Deploy deploy it to the requesting PC.

As an example, if we don't need to deploy and update a software package unnecessarily, let the end user go to the page and pick what they need.

User needs to have Notepad++, let them go to the web page - pick it - PDQ Deploy installs it - we now manage it moving forward.

This can work in reverse as well -- user doesn't need Notepad++ anymore - go to the web page - select the uninstall package - PDQ Deploy runs the uninstall package - no longer need to manage it moving forward.

The could also be used as a constraint for 'approved software' instead of folks downloading any number of apps that do the same thing -- ie how many different text editors or image editors are out there - they just pick from the list of approved and supported software.

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